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Bathroom Renovation – More than just Tiles and PCs

bathrooms62 renovation plan2 300x225 Bathroom Renovation   More than just Tiles and PCsOne of the most detailed and concentrated renovation projects any home owner can undertake is the bathroom. There are so many variables and so many decisions to make in a small area

Where do you start?

Firstly start with working out what you like and don’t like – what colours, finishes, types of fittings/ PC’s and style of fittings / PCs. It is important to do this before you even talk to a bathroom renovation contractor or designer. Establishing the basics of what you like will mean you get what you want and not necessarily what a contractor, designer or salesman may want to sell you. Yes listen to their ideas later , however a a firm outline of what makes you happy first.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is by downloading images from the web of design concepts you like.

One of the best places is to look in Pinterest as I have done in creating this board 

Other ways include looking at design magazines or go to bathroom showroom websites like Bath and Shower or go to the stores of bathroom suppliers who have many products on display. Don’t buy straight away just gather your ideas. (more…)

Security, BMS and Fire Safety Systems for Buildings

One of the more complex aspects of building construction, home improvement and renovations is the design and installation of building systems for fire, security and building services management systems and their integration.

Many regular homes opt for security systems to protect the occupants from unwanted intrusion and often individual smoke detectors as required by local building authorities however rarely look at more complex fire safety systems with control panels or building management system systems as their is no need for these more complex building systems.

The installation of these systems usually only becomes an issue for larger residential homes, apartments , hospitals, commercial / industrial buildings , public buildings like shopping centres, theatres and the like.

The installation of the more complex systems becomes mandatory when public safety is involved and is carefully monitored by professional organisations and checked at regular intervals. Most renovators and builders wont ever see a fire system or Building Management System installed in a project they are building in their entire career. (more…)

Budgeting for Renovations and Furnishings

One of the oakdiningsets Budgeting for Renovations and Furnishingsfun things to do towards the end of any renovation or building project is to find the furnishings to complete the project, however as with any step of the process there are traps for the beginner!

When you establish a budget for your renovation, home improvement or building project it is important to include all the costs.

Often first time renovators forget to budget for the total cost of the project thinking that the cost they get from the builder will be their total commitment . This maybe the main cost however there will always be more costs than just the builders initial contract cost. (more…)

Basement Remodeling Tips – Renovation Plan

By Guest Blogger Ella Andrews

If you live in a house and you have a big, spacious basement, chances that it is used for nothing more than just for storing stacks of useless junk are pretty high. However, instead of keep on storing piling things you don’t need there, you can renovate this useful area and turn it into a place that can be used for something far more pleasurable – a playroom, a guestroom, a study or even a family room. Still, you need to remember that, the basements’ primary mission was not to be used as living areas, so you will need to remodel the place in order to make it habitable. Here are some of the basics that you need to consider. (more…)