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The best bathroom renovations strike the perfect balance between your practical needs and your desire for a relaxing getaway.  Many people want the “spa experience” at home, and we can help you create that. Sometimes, designing the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of requires making some very basic cosmetic changes.  On the other hand, sometimes more drastic changes are needed.  Whether your bathroom needs a complete overhaul or a cosmetic makeover, we have the experts to get the job done. 

Two key factors to consider when renovating your bathroom: style and function.  They go hand-in-hand and are equally important.  No one wants to sacrifice style for function, or the other way around.  That’s why we take a balanced approach with each bathroom renovation. The result: a bathroom you can truly be proud of, and love to use.  A bathroom renovation is an investment that should last for years to come.  Get the most out of your investment— hire professional remodeling contractors and make sure your renovation is done right.



A popular “must have” these days in many Toronto homes is a thermostatic shower system— featuring large shower rain heads, adjustable shower arms, and temperature control valves.  Also, most people choose glass shower enclosures for a fresh, stylish look and feel. This is one of the many changes our remodeling contractors can help you make.  A bathroom “face-lift” can update the look and feel of your home, and may include the following improvements.

  • Replace outdated fixtures
  • Update cabinetry and countertops
  • Add a new tub and shower
  • Install heated, tiled floors
  • Apply a fresh paint job
  • Add a skylight or stereo system



Good planning is a key to success for any renovation project.  Before we begin bath renovations we sit down with our clients and create a plan. And, we start the planning process by assessing your personal needs.  Every client is unique, and we tailor each bathroom to suit your lifestyle. Bathrooms are a necessity, but they can also be a luxury.

Take the guesswork out of renovating— our bathroom remodeling contractors will take care of all the details.  The end result will be worth it. During the planning phase, we consider the following:



The first, most important factor is the type of bathroom you’ll be renovating— since this often determines the style and function of the room.  Most homes have three types of bathrooms: a powder room or half batha family bathroom, and an en-suite or master bathroom.  Our remodeling contractors will help you assess your needs based on the type of bathroom you’re renovating.


Do you love to watch HGTV renovation shows or read the latest home décor magazines?  Do you admire their bathroom renovations, and want to recreate the same look in your home?  This is where the finishing touches make all the difference— whether you want a modern functional bathroom, or that luxurious spa-like oasis.  At Renovation Plan, we believe the details matter, because we know that this is where your personal style will shine through.


Colour can be very powerful, and can even affect our mood.  When planning your bathroom renovation it’s important to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create.  And, this consideration often depends on the type of bathroom you’re working on.  Many people desire a soothing, relaxing feel in an en-suite bathroom, and a more formal, traditional feel in their powder room.  Our design experts will help you choose the best colours for your new bathroom experience.


We think long term. What works for you today may be different tomorrow.  At Renovation Plan, we always assess your family’s long-term needs as they change and evolve throughout the years. For example, does your bathroom need to be accessible to someone with a physical limitation? Or, do you have small children? Our expert home remodeling contractors will make sure these needs are met.  Together, we consider all the options available, and then our design team will help you decide which solutions are best for you.


Bathroom renovations don’t have to break the bank.  We always keep your budget constraints in mind when designing your dream bathroom. We plan all bath renovations to meets your needs and desires, and stay within your budget.  At Renovation Plan, we’ll help you keep your bathroom renovation costs to a minimum by doing it right the first time— by not cutting corners— and thereby saving you costly repair bills down the road.  We take pride in our work, and never sacrifice quality to keep costs affordable for our clients.  Your future comfort and peace of mind is our main priority. 

For a stress-free experience from start-to finish, hire a bathroom renovation contractor.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  At Renovation Plan, our work and craftmanship is backed by a written warranty.  Each warranty is job-specific and is 100% guaranteed.  Also, all of our fixtures and materials come with a manufacturers warranty.    We service Toronto and Toronto North. These areas include Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Stouffville, Schomberg, Vaughan, Maple, Markham, Scarborough, and Etobicoke.

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